"Magix of Friendship Club" is a new generation of Winx fairies out on a mission to protect the Magix Dimension.The leader of it is Roxie and the second-in command is Pan.This team is in Winx Club:Magic of Friendship.Also in this team,they have different types of pixies called Twin Pixie but will still have thier regular pixies.They will also have enemies and enemies that has turned away from the dark and has joined the M.o.F. Club.



  • Roxie-Fairy of Musical Nature
  • Diamond(Fairy)-Fairy of Water
  • Serra-Fairy of the Shining Sun
  • Merli-Fairy of Ice,Snow and Wind
  • Ema-Fairy of Diamonds and Gems
  • Pan-Fairy of the Dragon Shamron
  • Rosanna "Rose"-Fairy of Storms and Weather
  • Iris-Fairy of Illusions
  • Dandalion-Fairy of Fun,Games and Party
  • Daisay-Fairy of Animals and Nature
  • Carnition-Fairy of Fire
  • Skyler-Fairy of the Sky and Clouds


  • Laura-Roxie's Pixie and the Pixie of Friendship
  • Dani-Diamond's Pixie and the Pixie of Portals


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