Like any other dimension, Magix has a specific division of its ruling bodies designated to perform tasks of a sensitive, volatile nature. It is called the Magix Secret Service (MSS). Members are drawn from both schools as well as by recommendations from current members. Designations are the member's home realm's initial letter and the member's birthday. It is rare for any two members to share a designation- the membership is not large enough- but in the case of the Torvald twins they are so interchangeable in terms of espionage abilities it does not matter which one they contact; although had Jaime de Leon joined the ranks as well the same provision likely would have applied.

Mission Statement

We are not seen. We are not heard. We provide protection, peace of mind. It is because of us that the Magix Dimension remains safe.
Never forget those who have gone before. Those who have sacrificed it all for the sake of the mission. They are why we do what we do.
Above all, tell no one. It is better for everyone that we not even exist.

Known Members


  • Jaime de Leon was offered a position, but declined for unknown reasons.

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