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The Fairy of Waters is the pilot episode of Magical Sparkles and the first of overall series.


Yessie is walking down a street. She takes a wave to a bus.When the bus stopped, she stepped at the ledge of the door. Then she sat on a chair next to a window. When she saw Mirabella's Town Park, she said to the driver she is going down. The driver stopped and Yessie headed for the door. When she walked through the soft grass in the park, she noticed a giant blue troll standing next to her. It is looking angry to her. It hit Yessie. Then, it hit her again. When Yessie was about to be hit by another attack, she crouched down and shielded herself with water surprisingly. The troll prepared for the next attack, but Yessie had enough. When she remembered how those "Winxy Winx" acted on the TV in the flashback, she positioned herself and crossed her hands. She believe she would also do what the "Winxy Winx" does. Then a sudden light flashed, and she transformed! She created a ball of water through the troll and the troll vanished. Yessie ended up being exhausted and fell to the grass.

Characters Present

  • Yessie
  • Driver
  • Iyla (cameo)
  • Rachell (cameo)
  • Blue Troll


  • You're going down! - Yessie


  • The way Yessie positioned herself is also the way Musa positioned herself in Season 5.
  • The Winxy Winx is really the Winx.

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