Witch of Darkness, Fairy of Darkness
13 (First Appearance)
Associated Pixie
(Twins) Ave, Pixie of Dreams, and Eva, Pixie of Reality
Associated Pet
Coming Soon
Pink, white, black


Mae was supposed to be the last witch on Earth, and the most powerful witch in the magic dimension, but she would not take this position. In her first transformation, she is a witch, but her powers are used for good. When she sacrificed herself instead of a good friend, she had the choice of staying a witch and receiving the ability of her full power and Disenchanitx, or she could be a fairy and receive her Enchantix, but could not use her full power. She chose the fairy option, and became the fairy of darkness. After a while, she learned powers from the light side, and is also nicknamed the fairy of balance, as she often uses the Yin Yang as her symbol.


Main article: FanFic: Mae's Story


Mae has medium-length, straight black hair. She has brown eyes and is short for her age. Influenced by her parents' opinion on bare midriffs, Mae rarely wears midriffs, except for special occasions and transformations.

Powers and Abilities

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Associated Pixie

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