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Princess Lyrianna Lyria Larevena
Lyria or Lyrianna
May 31
Alfea, Vocalia, Chantix Club, Specialists
Magical Abilities
Sound-based spells
Sonic blasts
Music-based spells
First Appearance
King Ethan and Queen Cecilia (parents)
Rosa, Eliana, Seraphina, Diana, Kyla (roomates)
Described as
The Magical Harmony of the Chantix
Princess Lyrianna Lyria Larevena hails from the second moon of Melody, Vocalia. She is the daughter of King Ethan and Queen Cecilia. She studies at Alfea and is a member of the Chantix Club.

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Lyria is a talented, sweet and charming girl. She loves to sing, dance and play many musical instruments. 


Season 1

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Lyria has a purple hair and eyes. She wears rocking style outfits and sometimes stylish outfits from Eliana. 


Lyria wears a blue dress with a pink gem in the middle. Pink gloves, blue and pink shoes. She wears a music chocker and her wings are cyan and blue. Her hair is also tied.

Lyria Winx

Powers and Abilities

Lyria has the same powers as Musa. She has sonic-based spells and music-based spells. 


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  • Full name: Lyrianna Lyria Larevena
  • Birthday: May 31
  • Astrological sign: Elf
  • Favourite Food: Spicy food & pizza
  • Favourite Color: Purple & Violet
  • Favourite Hobby: Making music
  • Favourite Pet: Bunnies
  • Ideal Boyfriend: David
  • Best Friend: Seraphina
  • Favourite Movies: Musicals and/or videoclips
  • Loves: Playing instruments and performing on live stage
  • Hates: Bullying
  • Favourite Music: All of the music! 
  • Favourite Shoes: Comfortable ones :D!
  • Favourite Subject: Musical Creation
  • Favourite Spell: Musical Harmony


  • The name "Lyria" means "lyre".
    • She shares this name with Lyria from the Tinker Bell series.
  • Lyria's favourite musical instrument is the piano and the concert flute.

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