Planet Lunamira

Lunamira is the sister realm of Solaria, and it is also Princess Violet's home realm.




The planet is considered to be one of the most beautiful lunar planet seen at night, and because it is the sister realm of Solaria, the fashion on Lunamira is considered to be classic, soft-toned and dark, whereas Solaria's is bright and loud. Contrast to Solaria, Lunamira is also seen as a beautiful nightfall place, however the sun does shine on the planet. Chandra is the official Royal Palace Messenger.


Lunamira's very first monarch was Queen Arthemisia, the first to start the royal bloodline. Lunamira is currently ruled by King Enderous and Queen Selena. Their daugther, Princess Violet is next in line for the throne. The royals of Lunamira highly noble and strict with their laws, and also a royal must be married to another royal (or noble), otherwise if they choose a non-royal, they are to be rejected. Their government is allied with Zenith, Solaria and Andros.

Royal Lunamirian Senate

The Royal Lunamirian Senate are the royal advisors of the King and Queen. They are very strict with the laws of Lunamira, thus they give trials for those who broke the law. They also support for the Lunamira Secret Service, lead by Rosaura, Violet's cousin.

Royal Senate castle

  • Senator Magena
  • Senator Soma
  • Senator Thea
  • Senator Vegan
  • Senator Leo
  • Senator Altair

Known Inhabitants

  • King Enderous 
  • Queen Selena
  • Princess Violet
  • Nisha (Maid)
  • Fleur (Possibly)
  • Luna

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