Lumnia,better known by her nickname; Lume is a fictonal characters in the Wileax club series. She takes on one of the lead roles and is the known fairy to possess the elementel power of the Flames.


Orpharned at yongue age,Lume is a lonely child until she meets her adoptive parents. She is the crrent princess of her relam, Flamia and will soon be the queen. Her powers are known immensly strong and is being teached in alfea how to control them.


Lume is a calm, Closed up child who barely Used to speak a word until she meets her friends Eliss and Winnie. Now, she is kind,helpful and opens up a lot, Getting amazingly smart ideas. She has earned the liking of many students in her years in alfea,and she secretly feels extremly grateful for Eliss and Winnie.


Lume has brown eyes, and pale peach skin. Her lips are rosy and she has a oval shaped head.

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