Episode 1 - Destiny Divined


A boy (#627) was one of the many prisoners and he encountered a beautiful girl (Reni) who appeared on the other side of the barbed-wire fence one day. He was fascinated by her so he decided to write her a letter one day, folding it into an origami and sending it over the fence, hoping the she would answer. His prayers being granted, his letter was given a reply. On a daily basis, they would meet for a brief moment and fly a paper plane across the wall. He found joy in his life just by getting letters from her--though he never conveyed his feelings for her.

One day, the mysterious girl told him she would head off somewhere far and bade farewell to him. As she went away, he kept all her letters and treasured them dearly until one of the Generals and his henchmen decided to torment the young man by making fun of his attachment to the letters. They went as far as to tear the letters which triggered his anger and punched the General. The men decided to put him in the room, which seems to be a gas chamber, to die. In the room, he begins to struggle to get out with the thought of seeing the girl once more and asking her name. It is not made clear in the episode whether he died or not, but Love Letters does indeed confirm his fate.


NOTE: The Plots is actually the song this series based on modified lyric

The boy telling the story:

Act One

One day, some place

One of the prisoners

Fall in love with a girl out side the barbed wires fence

So sad....

fell so sad....

Deprived of freedom

I'm persecuted

Bettwen you and dirty me

There is a gap....

A gap....

I wrote a letter and folded an origami

As we cross over the wall behind us

Go fly...

Go fly!

Ahhh, i can also become free

One day....

A lie....

It's a lie

I know that!

If you stay by my side, even lie

I believe they will be true, all of them

Please come over here and talk to me

but this will never convey my feelings

Even so

I look at you

For tomorrow, my small happiness

Act Two

Some day

Some months later, everday since then

Your paper origami is mine


my joy...

But you suddenly told me

You had to go away, so

Good bye...


Ahhhh, I'm suffering everday

And, i'm still alive today, but...

I've never

cried so much!

If you stay by my side, even with my damned destiny

I believe i can still smile

I met you whose name i don't even know

I felt like i had won the future

I can't call you

I can't follow you

I can't get out

I never will

Act Three

One day, his general and his henchmen captured him, tortures him by destorying the messages from the the girl whom he treasures it so much. Furiousy, he get out of the hand of the henchmen and punch the general, crying. The general would have dead if the henchmen didn't stop him. The general told the henchmen to put him in the gas chamber to die. They put him in there, and close the door.

Act Four

Finally, my turn came

And you're gone

Now, i have nothing to lose in this world, but....

my heart shouting: "why....?"

I want to live a bit longer

Now, i have no hard feelings

I just...., in my last moment....

See you....

I want to see you....

Miss you!

I miss you so much!

Those days i spent with you didn't return

Many sweet memories passed before my eyes

You give to me, one by one

The food for my mind in my life

Weeds a swirling in the darkness

A beatiful flower blooms nearby

We both live in different worlds

But i desperately tried to reach her

Please, god, if this is my last moment

I want to talk to her

In a small dark room that was closed

A sad voice reverbarated in the room

A heart and breath....

are in pain....

At least....

I want to know....

your name....

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