Louise, also known as Louie or Lou is the Warrior Fairy of Sparkles and the Princess of Sparkles.


  • Full Name: Princess Louise Diamond Jonas
  • Nicknames: Louie, Lou
  • Birthdate: December 30th
  • Origin: Sparkles
  • Family: Queen Pearl Jonas
  • Languages: Spanish, English, Japanese
  • Talents: Drums, Dancing, Singing, Gymnastics
  • Hobbies: Dancing, Reading, Singing, Making Necklaces
  • Dream: To become a full-powered Warrior Fairy, a famous gymnastics star
  • Secret: A shiny jewellery box which she keeps her necklaces in, a pretty charm braclet
  • Best Friend: Magnolia
  • Favourite Smell: Lavender, Perfume, Mint
  • Favourite Subject: Art, Music, Maths
  • Favourite Sports: Tennis, Surfing, Hurdles
  • Favourite Genre of Books: History, Fantasy
  • Favourite Movies: History, Drama, Fantasy
  • Favourite Food: Strawberries, Fried Eggs, Sponge Cake
  • Favourite Places: Anywhere sunny and with cheerful music
  • Motto: " If you thing you can do it yourself, you're wrong. You really need you friends because anything is impossible without your friends. Have your friends and make the right choice."
  • Favourite Colours: Pink and Purple
  • Favourite Shoes: High-heels, Slippers, Dancing Shoes, Sandals
  • Theme: Happy Endings




Powers and Abilities

Theme Song

Louise made up Happy Endings, and made it her theme.


An Evil lurks about somewhere in oour magical world

All the Fairies Transform to fight this Bad

Sparkles fly from my hands

The Evil is away

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