Lorelei Official

Magical Abilities
Stars (Previously)
Anti-Matter (Currently)
Unamed Parents
Mavis (Younger Sister)
Voiced by (fandom)
Erin Fitzgerald

Lorelei Adell Payton is the former fairy of the stars, currently witch of anti-matter and Mavis's older sister. She is the main antagonist in the Miraclix Chronicles.

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Personality and Background

Lorelei comes off as a sweet, calm and caring girl in her days at Alfea. She loves her sister, Mavis, very much and is protective of her. However, despite this, deep down Lorelei is cold and sadistic and wants to control all of the Magic Dimension for herself. In reality, Lorelei was envious of her sister's powers over space and time and wanted the same power she and Princess Aeona had. In "Turning Back: Spirited Away", she has once known Mercuria, one of the Spirit Dimension guardians.


Lorelei has dark blonde hair, blue-gray eyes, and fair skin.


Lorelei wears lavender dress with three yellow stars, a long sleeved light turquoise jacket, white over-the- knee socks, and lavender/purple heeled boots. She wears a star barrette on the right side of her hair.


Lorelei wears a long dark purple sleeveless dress that exposes her legs on both sides, a red four-pointed star gem, black bangles
Lorelei witch Official

Lorelei's Witch form

and long black boots. Her hair becomes even longer and her bang covers her right eye.

Powers and Abilities

Lorelei's powers were previously of the stars from space, however after her betrayal, her powers suddenly turn dark and corrupted, causing her powers to become of Anti-Matter, like black holes and others that are of dangers to space. Lorelei's battle phrase is "Corrupt" and/or "Destroy".


  1. Star Shower
  2. Galaxy Orbit
  3. Comet Pulsar
  4. Orbiting Meteor
  5. Constellation Wall


  1. Black Eclipse
  2. Black Hole Lance
  3. Ominous Fog
  4. Meteor Shower
  5. Nebula Veil


  • "Well, hello again, little sister."
  • "The girl with a mere copycat of the Snow Phoenix, and yet you are not as powerful as your mother."
  • "I don't need you anymore, old man. You are nothing but just a servant, and for that, I thank you for doing my dirty work."
  • "My own little sister given the power of both space and time, but yet you couldn't even control it. That power, should have belonged to me when I was born. But instead, it was given to you."
  • "I'm sorry, Mavis. You've proven me....that you can hold the power....even defeating...a"
  • "You can't rule everything, Princess. I'm not like those people who claim to respecting you, when in actuality they're worshiping you."
  • "Don't worry, sis. Everything will turn out just fine."
  • "You were nothing but just pawns."


  • Lorelei is inspired by Madam Red from Kuroshitsuji/Black Butler and Sosuke Aizen from Bleach.
  • Lorelei is the second fairy to turn from fairy to witch. The first is Lazuli from the canon series.

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