This list shows the spells Violet of the Heartix Club uses.

Magic Heartix

  1. Lunar Sphere
  2. Moonlight Mirage
  3. Moonlight Shine
  4. Lunar Impact
  5. Nightmare Scream (Forbidden)
  6. Luna Bloom
  7. Flower Illusion
  8. Silver Shine
  9. Lunar World

Heartix Blossom Mode

  1. Enchantix Silver Bloom
  2. Enchantix Infinity Eclipse
  3. Night Shade
  4. Lunar Wind
  5. Moon Burst
  6. Moon's Symphony

Heartix Florescence Mode

  1. Moon Dance
  2. Beauty of Moonlight
  3. Heart of the Moon
  4. Infinity Bloom
  5. Silver Strike
  6. Moon Phase
  7. Moonlight's Bloom
  8. Night Frost

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