This page is for all of Samantha's different outfits


Samantha's formal dess is a yellow tube dress with matching shoes. She also wears a gold necklace with a sapphire pendant.


Samantha's gymnastics outfit is a yellow leg-less body suit.


Samantha's swim-suit is a plain yellow bikini.


Samantha's sundress is a bright yellow tube-dress with a hole showing her belly, and matching shoes.

Second civilian

Samantha's alternate civilan outfit is a yellow shirt, skirt and shoes.


Samanth's sleepwear is a dark yellow nightdress.


Samantha's rock outfit is an orange back-less top with a gold star on it and yellow shorts and red shoes. Her accesories to go with it are a pair of red, orange and yellow armbands for each arm. She is the group pianist.



Princess of Solaria

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