Season 1


Raquelle wears a white midriff shirt with purple shorts and white wedge shoes.

Dance: Formal

Raquelle wears a one starp lilac dress that slits down by the sides. She wears white gloves and highheel sandals.

Dance: Casual

Raquelle wears a purple-blue full sleeve T-shirt with a blue mini-skirt and white sneakers.


Raquelle's pajama is a lavender floaty dress.


Raquelle's explorer suit consists of a light beige long sock, long beige boots with heels, a short sleeve beige jacket with pockets over a lilac short sleeve shirt, and beige shorts with pockets and a brown belt.

Season 2


Raquelle's season 2 civialian outfit is a purple tubetop and black leggings with silver colored shoes.

Back to School

Raquelle's back to school outfit is a white midriff with purple stripes, a Purple mini skirt and white knee-high boots.


Her beach outfit is a purple bikini with a green strap holding it.


Raquelle's camping outfit is a white halter top and a purple skirt with white four-point stars. Her shoes are puple platform shoes.

Dance: Formal

Raquelle wears a purple dress revealing her stomach with a white belt. The dress slits of its sides. 


Raquelle's ski outfit is a black coat with white fur. Her pants are lilac and she has khaki colored boots. She also wears a white turtleneck top under her outfit.

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