This is a list of the spells Ivy uses in her transformations.


(there are few known spells for this transformation as it is only seen in Ivy's Flashbacks)

  • Star Cage
  • Twinkle Chant


  • Enchanted Blaze
  • Star Shield 
  • Star Charge
  • Star Shot
  • Enchantment Bolt
  • Sparkling Ember
  • Dazzling Enchantment


  • Shining Star Night: Ivy's special believix spell. It makes people become less selfish and realize all the things they already have they should love and appreciate. It also allows people to open their hearts and see the true beauty of things.
  • Light Dazzle
  • Heart of Enchantment
  • Starry Firework
  • Glittering Light
  • Eternal Glow
  • Glowing Star
  • Enchanted Arrow


  • Nature's Night Sky
  • Starlight Flower


  • Star Blizzard
  • Ice Heart
  • Enchanted Freeze


  • Enchanting Shimmer
  • Star Flower
  • Light Wave Stars


  • Star Ocean
  • Starry Eyed
  • Enchantment of Sirenix
  • Ocean Enchantment
  • Lightning Stars

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