This is a list of spells Alicia uses throughout her journey.


  • Protect: A shield that protect the fairy from harm.
  • Sound Howl: A glass-breaking scream that weakens the monster from attacking.
  • Lulla-song: A move that allows a monster to sleep.
  • Shining Beam: A blast of light (either from the sun or from the Ring of Solaria)
  • Heart Blast (Requires Wing Staff)
  • Mystic Visor/Heavenly Vision: Her glasses returns only in this form whenever a monster has the ability to turn invisible.
  • Blizzard
  • Phoenix Aurora
  • Light Toon Barrier

Dark Winx

  • Dark Toon Barrier
  • Frigid Doom
  • Frosty Trickery
  • Lost Heart


  • Divine Shine
  • Blessed Aurora
  • Toon Chill
  • Angel Frost
  • Toon World


  • Protect
  • Healing Heart
  • Light Blast
  • Enchantix Frosty Heartbeat
  • Luminous Illusion
  • Snow Blind (Hidden move; a move that teleports the fairy to escape)
  • Smashing Blizzard
  • Divine Glow
  • Snow Dance
  • Enchantix Cosmic Shine
  • Blessed Light
  • Cross Flash


  • Phoenix's Blizzard (using the Royalix staff)
  • "I, Alicia, Future princess of Cosmos sacrifice the power of the Snow Pheonix to revive the Heart of Gold!" (The chant to revive the flower)


  • Perfect Harmony: Combined with the other girls' powers. It is another version of Winx convergence, her chant is "And when all of us come together magically....." when they all are about to form this move. This move also helps earth people to realize to not be cold or heartless. She continues using this when she even became queen.
  • Ray of Light
  • Heaven's Barrier
  • Healing Heart
  • Heavenly Spark
  • Wishing Spark
  • Blizzard Heart
  • Phoenix Wish: A powerful winx convergence with her and Bloom, this was only used once.
  • Blizzard Beam
  • Snow Blast
  • Cosmos Kiss: Used once on Lucas.
  • Cosmic Blast
  • Luminous Shine
  • Phoenix Support 

Infinite Mode

  • Angelic Cure
  • Divine Heartbeat
  • Pure Dream
  • Pure Peace


  • Solar Miracle
  • Tidal Wave of Light
  • Holy Symphony
  • Cosmic Circuit


  • Infinite Miracle
  • Happy End Blizzard (Storybook Tales move only)


  • Blessed Summoning


  • Beauty Blizzard (Mostly Used)
  • Winter Barrier
  • Arctic Summoning
  • Blessed Icicle
  • Lumina Mask/Blessed Blizzard/Divine Blaster (Hidden Move; When she and Queen Illumina are combined together, only used once)

Harmonix (Official)

  • Frost Slash : A sword made of ice, with a average advantage of damage to the enemy.
  • Luminous Blade
  • Animated Freeze
  • Phoenix Embrace
  • Victory Blitz
  • Sparkling Frost
  • Blizzard Glow
  • Shining Mirage
  • Frost Reaction
  • Winter Glare: Cancels out her enemies attacks by forming a phoenix-like bird making a frosty glare, and freezing the enemy's attack, thus causing it to break.


  • Luminous Tsunami
  • Life of Sirenix
  • Arctic Waterspout
  • Miracle Splash
  • Arctic Cannon
  • Frigid Blade
  • Yuki-Onna's Tundra
  • True Frost
  • Imperial Light


  • Winter Dance
  • Snow-Sword Dance
  • Sparkling Wing
  • Frosty Spades
  • Aurora Avalanche

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