Laura Rosegarden S1 outfit WIP

Laura Rosegarden

Princess Laura Rosegarden is the fairy of healing and Princess of the World called Ravenwood. She's Originally a wizard from an online game called Wizard101.


Unlike most girls Laura prefers to stay indoors and keep to herself. She's known to be in the library either working on homework or just writing her stories. She's one to stay in the background when fighting occours so she can heal her allies. She has no siblings and no boyfriend so she's a loner and likes to try and stay that way.

Her planet Ravenwood is lush with green forests and lots of herbs as well as beautiful creatures. You could say it's one of the more beautiful planets. Her father rules over the planet with a kind heart and that is what Laura plans to do when she becomes Queen.

Her school life is quite normal until she is sent to Alfea for her second year. There she has to be among the other fairies and it's not to her liking. She isn't a people person like her mother was back when she was in Alfea. Laura does find an injury pixie named Sir Lucky, pixie of luck, shortly after she arrives at Alfea. She heals him and he becomes her best friend and together they decided to conquer the life of an Alfea student together!

Laura's Companions

Sir Lucky

Laura's Bonded pixie and pixie of luck.


Laura's Pet Leureep, she's shy around other people but can shine the most when Laura's around.
Hatched egg 1 by abnormal adopts-d5pdsrw

Rainbow Bought from AbnormalAdopts on dA

Power and Abilities

Laura can heal those that are injured from minor wounds to major. She cannot however save those on the brink of death. She has a few attack spells but more healing spells than attack. She uses spell cards to both attack and heal others. The Spell cards will cause a flash of bright light and take the shape of the attack and or heal spell. For example: Using the Unicorn spell card gives minor healing. And it take the shape of a Unicorn who uses its horn to heal the minor wounds.

Official Transformations

Magic Winx

(image coming soon)

Spells: Vine Attack- Vine shoot up from the ground and attack the enemy

Minor Healing of the heart- A heart that bursts above the ally into dust that instantly heals the wound

Other Outfits


Laura's Christmas outfit resized

Laura's Christmas Outfit

Around Christmas time she loves to wear an outfit that makes her look like Santa's Helper but this year one of her best friend, Zennie, made a bet that if she dressed up showing a bit more skin Zennie would do the same. And turns out Laura was eager to have her best friend go out of her comfort zone that christmas.


Pet bought from AbnormalAdopts here is her link to her profile:

Christmas Outfit bought from bunnygirladoptables link to her profile:

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