Laila Kimag
Birth Sign
Music, Dance, Harmony
Social Status
Princess of Harmoyisa
Pop, the Pixie of Sweets
Lily (mother), Zoko (father), Lucaz (future husband)

 Laila is a musical dance harmony fairy and princess of harmonyisa but raised in melody


Laila is confedint and always unstressed but has trouble with her feelings.due to her amazing dancing she tends to be competitive


Laila is a beautiful girl like her birth mother blue eyes,pink lips,cute nose and has the fashion sense of her adoptive mother.


Laila s winx has her signiture scarf a dark red bodice and a golden mini skirt,she also has bright red and gold boots that are higher than knee boots her wings are grey with pink on the corners


Laila's charmix is a gold music note pin with a heart shaped ruby and a white bag hanging from her shoulder to her waist


Her enchantix is a bright red dress up to her thighs and golden sandels decorated with rubies she also has pink gloves.on her head is a pink tiara her white hair fall down to her waist her wings are rose coloured with gold diamonds hanging from it


Her belivix has a pink elbow leghth under shirt and red over shirt and a dark red skirt with transparent white ruffles and gold leggings up to her thighs. she has gold ankle boots with pink socks.she also has a grey headband on top of her head.her hair is as long as her enchantix but with a ponytail on the side.she has gold wings with rose stars on the corners


She has a gold leaf bra and a matching leaf skirt with green wedge leaf sandels and a leaf headband her wings are the same as belivix


Laila's lovix is a dark red dress and gold stockings her dress and stockings have fur cuffs and rims her wings are same as belivix and she has a snow headband


Her civilian outfitt has a bright red dress a red scarf and white shoes.she has two gold braclets on both arms and a matching anklet


Laila's cressendix consists of a red dress with dark red and white accents,she also has the tiara from her birth and a belt made of tourmaline and topaz.she has gold and dark gold ribbon type strap heels and shiny salmon and red wings,she has gold arm straps and gold;red translucent arm cuffs.


  • She is based on Laila from Roadside Romeo.
  • Her transformations are similar to Kathrine Peters.
  • She is a high class fairy meaning she is in a royal private fairy school and she learns more transformations than the Winx.
  • She is best friends with Diaspro and Chimera and taught them to be friends of the Winx Club
  • Her name could be play on the names Layla and Leila.

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