Speed Wingettes
???, Pixie of Peace
Voiced by (fandom)
Victoria Justice

Kyra is a minor character in the Miraclix Chronicles. She is the second teammate of the Speed Wingettes, and is also the fairy of speed.


Kyra has long pale blonde hair that is worn in low twintails secured with a red hairtie, dark green eyes and fair skin.





Personality and Background

Kyra is a headstrong tomboy, and is also rude and very much of a tsundere. She is quite stubborn and a fierce fighter, and doesn't appreciate royals which she thinks are snooty and greedy, however with exceptions like Amorette. Deep down, she's lonely and wants real friends like Ramona and Amorette are and she cares about her family, like her brother, Harris. She and Amorette claims that they "shun" the Alfea fairies that cast them out.

Powers and Abilities 


  1. Rapid Strike
  2. Rapid Punch
  3. Hyper Drive
  4. Swift Slash
  5. Hyperion Kick


  • Full Name: Kyra Louise Stratuss
  • Birthday: April 23rd
  • Favourite Food: Fried fish and Steak
  • Favourite Color: Deep Red
  • Favourite Hobby: Martial Arts
  • Ideal Boyfriend: Scott
  • Best Friend: Amorette and Ramona
  • Favourite Movies: Live-Action with Japanese Subtitles
  • Loves: Her family, teasing her brother, martial arts, Speed Wingettes
  • Hates: Losers, Getting defeated, other Alfea students
  • Favourite Genre of Books: Action
  • Favourite Genre of Music: Rock, Pop (Secretly)
  • Favourite Shoes: TBA
  • Favourite Subject: TBA
  • Favourite Spell: Hyperion Kick
  • Quote(s): TBA
  • Catchphrase(s): "I'm not the kind of friendly face anyone should meet!"


  • Kyra is also based on another character from the popular shonen anime, Bleach.

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