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kitty is the fairy of animals as shown from her name kitty taken from cat.and kittens.she is the youngest princess of planet dier.dier means animals in dutch.

amber pixie ofwishes
nioken the love bird


kitty(kat) grew up in earth just like when roxy and flora were on a mission to find the missing fairy in earth her parents(birth) were also finding her they came upone her.and she soon discovered that she was the princess of alfea a welcome cake was given to her.unfortunatelykiko,was so into the cake that he ate it.kat had a hard time making friends as she was new.soon in summer break she was to called to be crowned queen.but she gave the chance to her eldest sister roxxana the chance.soon she had to face the charmix.showing andrew gow much she adores him she earns her charmix.her enchantix came from using a forbbiden spell, which if used will damage the user.kat used this spell to save entire magix .believix came through when she had to find a missing fairy who was lost in the the woods she made the woodcutters believie im magic.lovix was gifted by flora and sophix was from lyla.her speedix zoomix and traxix was a gift from ms griffin.(when ms griffin was rescued from being a full evil fairy).



her civilian is a light blue top .a dark blue jacket and an indiogo short.her half lenghted foot wear white cloth is up to her feet.and her boots are black with an enormous tie which is pink.

gymnasticas and dance

a normal dress which is up to her legs.a deeppink jaket.and hait tied into 2 pigtails.




Kitty winx her winx is a blue jaket with a different shaded blue on the bottom of the jaket.a white top whiteand blue skirt.and a pair of 2 colored shoes with grey socks.the wings are lain grey with a little dusty magic on them.


  • kittys name comes from cat

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