Kira was once a grand realm that connected the Magical Dimension to the 6 other universes.


The Golden Age

During the Golden Age everything was peaceful. Kira was prosperous and on good terms with the other Realms.

Before the Curse

The Queen of Kira at the time was Oralee, her best friend was Princess Amara of Charna. They were just about to finish their last year at Alfea when Amara was attacked by a group of 'Fairies' that seemed to include Oralee even though she was back in Kira for her mother's funeral. This distroyed their friend ship and Amara vowed to get revenge.

The Curse

Years after Oralee and Amara's friendship broke Amara, frozen at 19, attacked Kira with an army of Dark Fairies. She used years of magic stored in special charms and medelions to seal all but the most power people in the realm and froze it in time.

Unfortunatly for Amara but fortunalty for the people of Kira Tia, the Pixie of Time who Amara was using to freeze them, was able to make it seem as though they were frozen in time but still aging enough that they could be saved.

As an added security Amara placed a spell on the boundries of the realm so anyone who left would be cursed.

The Cursed

Queen Amara - Can only leave if as long as she has Magic, her magic drains when she leaves.

Ebony - Will die by a Fairies hand.

Alexander (Lex) - Is split in two, half of him lost.

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