Katrina is the Fairy of the Weather. She lives in Welieri, the realm of the weather fairies. And she is the princess there.



Bonded Pixie


Kat used to live in Alfea when her parents told her to leave for an year. In Welieri she was crowned queen but she wanted to be a princess. So her parents sent her back to Alfea. However after a terrible storm an earthquake happened in Alfea causing her sister to be stuck in a burning forest. After saving her sister she earned her Enchantix and used her fairy dust to stop the fire and used a tornado to sweep up the broken parts of Alfea. Then Flora helped to stop the earthquake. And later she goes to Earth and makes one of the humans believe in the fairy world causing her to Believix. Later on she recognizes Love & Pet shop and the Winx gave her a free pet forever.


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