Katherine Tudor (neé Arrington) is the deceased wife of Phillip Tudor and the former Grand Duchess of Stemefactoré.


Once a shy young fairy at Alfea, over the course of her life and her whirlwind marriage she became a drunkard. Her husband, who followed similar path due to his stress, treated her like an accessory or a piece of furniture.

She drank herself to death during Venetia's third year, at which time her daughter returned and wrested power from her depressed and drunk father.

As a Stemefactoré fairy by birth, her powers focus on metal and steel-working, although the true nature and how powerful she is is not known.


She is not seen or heard from much, because she is often too drunk to work a phone or any other communication device. Venetia worries for her, and often calls her father to check on Katherine.

Halfway through Venetia's junior year, she drinks herself into a stupor and falls to her death from a castle tower. Phillip is deemed unfit to rule and their daughter becomes Grand Duchess.


She has very gingery red hair, moss green eyes, and fair skin. She rarely wears any makeup, and always looks a mess.

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