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Snow Kaguya
(also: Kaguya)
Title Queen of Págos
The lead snow dancer
Class Speculated to be a witch or fairy
Gender Female Female
Age (at first appearance) Centuries of years old
Professional Status
Powers and Abilities

All of theses powers are currently speculated!

Occupation Queen of Págos
Personal Status
Origin Págos
Voice Actors
Italian Amanda Sarto-Ramiruez
DuArt Nicole Oliver

Kaguya is a planned villain for the second season of World of Wonderful Sailorix and as it has been yet to be aired there is not much information on her at the time so assume good faith!


More coming soon...


No information is given at the time.

World of Wonderful Sailorix

Season 2

No information is given at the time.

Magical Abilities

No information is given at the time.


No information is given at the time.

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