First Appearance
The Glimmerix Club Season 1 Episode 1 "New Beginnings
Age At First Appearance
November 11, 1994
Alfea, The Glimmerix Club
Powers and Abilities
The Dragon Fire/Flame

Fire Manipulation/Control

Heat Control & Manipulation

Healing Abilities

Life-Force Manipulation/Control

Life-Force Generation



Fire Magic

Fire and Heat Absorption
Associated Pixie
None Yet
Associated Pet
None Yet
The Glimmerix Club (Best Friends), Adoptive Parents (Family)

Jadelyn is a character from the fanfiction series The Glimmerix Club. She is the fanfiction's main protagonist and the informal leader of The Glimmerix Club.

Personality and Traits

Jadelyn started off as a girl who was not confident and doubted alot. But then she started to lighten up later in Season 1 of The Glimmerix Club. She did not realize being a fairy would be hard but then after realizing the challenges she gets it. She bonds with people easily if they be nice to her. When her friends told her she was a fairy she was not hesitant to believe it, She actually took it very easily. She also gets jealous easily when it comes to mean people and someone she likes. She also has a very short temper and she does not have much patience either. Sometimes she prefers to be alone because she gets troublesome in life sometimes.


Season 1

Jadelyn first becomes a fairy in Season 1 and attends Alfea. She then becomes apart of The Glimmerix Club.


Not much has been uncovered about Jadelyns past or history. The only thing she really knows about her past is that she was born a fairy. Her adoptive parents have not yet told her she was adopted to make her wonder more about her past.


Magic Winx

Jadelyns Magic Winx consists of a red sparkly tank top that ends at her stomach that is also sparkly,A red mini skirt that is also sparkly,red boots with heels that go to her knees,Red short arm cuffs on her wrists,


Not discovered


Not discovered


Not discovered


Not discovered


Not discovered


Not discovered


Not discovered



Jadelyn wears a dark purple t-shirt with a black vest,knee high jeans and Dark purple flats,in Season 1


Favorite Food : Tacos

Favorite Color : Blue

Favorite Hobbie : Drawing

Favorite Pet : Dosen't have one yet

Ideal Boyfriend : Dosen't have one yet

Best friends : The Glimmerix Club

Favorite Movies : Comedies

Loves : Doodling

Hates : Not being told something

Favorite Music : Indie,Pop

Favorite Shoes : Boots

Favorite Subject : Transformology

Favorite Spell : Dosen't have one yet

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