EASY! Just take a base from here - Winx-Art Bases or Winx Base Library.

edit it

and upload it. A good idea for keeping with the same appearance is to choose bases from the same fairy, such as if you want your fairy to look like Stella, you'd choose bases that are based off of Stella stock art.

How to edit


Use the line tool to outline the hair, dress, shoes, etc... Then fill it with colour. Decorate it with brush tools, shapes and line tool. Save your art, upload it, and done!

Further Help

  • Programs: GiMP (free to download), Photoshop(nonfree), Paint (comes on most computers) and Paint Tool SAI (nonfree, but has a link to free to download)

Helpers on the Wiki:


Art work requests

If you want some art work for your page, just choose one of the programs above and then ask a desired helper if they can help you.

If you like, ask them when they will finish editing the base, and give them an idea of what you want.

Tutorials for Any Program and Resources

Enchantix Wings -

Winx Club Site page -


Paint Tips

Photoshop Tips

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