It was a bright, sunny day and, Seraphyna and SoffIa were heading to Alfea. Let's go! Soffia said. Ok! Said Seraphyna. Ugh. Those kind of ditchy fairies. Said a voice. She was Nalla. A mean fairy. She said to Seraphyna, oh, a surprise. Don't ditch my girl Seraphyna! Soffia said. Come on! Nalla said to her friends. Later, when Seraphyna and Soffia came Back to their dorm, they saw girls called, Sasha, Meggan, and Tasha. Another girl came in. She was called Bianca. (episode will be right back) Right after they ate lunch, they went to their dorm and they talked all about themselves. After that, They went to dinner and talked. Bianca said! And then, I sneezed the Dahlias off the cOunter! Who knew I was allergic to Dahlias? WEll, nobody. Seraphyna said.(Episode ends)

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