This is the first episode of Glitterix Club - Season 1.


"Bimi! Where are my flats? Where's my sunglasses?" Alexa said to Bimi. "Where's my curlers? Oh, I'm losing everything!" Bimi rolled her eyes. "Your flats are with your shoes, and your sunglasses are on your head! And your curlers are on your make-up case! Are you sure you need all this?" Bimi said, annoyed. "Of course! am a princess! Princesses always look their best!" Alexa said, putting her pink flats on.  Bimi heard her mother's voice. "C' mon, Alexa! You haven't even had your breakfast!" "OK, OK! I'll have my breakfast here!" Alexa argued. "You can't be dragged away from your stupid beauty junk!" "Junk? That is NOT junk! I said that I'm a princess! And princesses look their best!" "No, thay don't! It's not about that!" Queen Alexandra walked into the room, followed by King Alexander, then by Mariella and Caitlyn. "STOP ARGUING!" King Alexander yelled. "OR YOU WON'T GO TO ALFEA, ALEXA, AND YOU WON'T GET TO FEED THE PONIES, BIMI! Get breakfast NOW, Alexa!" "Yes, I will!" Alexa said cheekily. Mariella, Caitlyn and Bimi giggled. "SAME WITH YOU, GIRLS!" he bellowed.

Alexa stayed with her things. "Karen! Please get me breakfast!" Karen rushed with crossionts and hot chocolate. "Dad's just being a big grump..." Alexa mumbled.

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