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They are my new fairy team on the Earth. They are discovered after season 4. Name is form word "gate".


After restoring magic of the Earth, new fairies were born. When was discover stargate in Egypt, six girls received magical powers to help protect Earth from aliens. They come to Cheyenne moutain complex and promise protect and help them.


Ann Portrait: She is a leader of Gatix and fairy of Legends allowing her use powers of various legendary creatures and beings. Her powers come from Alterans , but she can´t use them in their pure and strongest version. Ann is daughter of two Alterans and herself comes from Lantea. She is loving, kind and courageous girl. Her pixie is Spera, pixie of faith and her selkie is Artemia from Pacific ocean selkie village.

Kate Calter: She is fairy of Water and using waters, fog and ice to attack. Kate is peacefull, calm girl with love for water sounds. She was also born in Texas, same as gen. Hammond. Her pixie is Maia, pixie of tricks and her selkie is Jasmin from Indian ocean selkie village.

Mia Simons: She is fairy of Stars and her powers using starlight and astral energy. Her pixie is Pinky, pixie of colours and her selkie is Sandy from Atlantic ocean selkie village.

Isabella Brown: She is fairy of Sky and she can use wind, birds and other sky powers. Her pixie is Smily, pixie of fun and her selkie is Christy from Arctic ocean selkie village.

Rose Hammond: She is fairy of Emotions. She can use all emotions to attack (She is empath). Rose is niece of Gen. Hammond. Her pixie is Lillia, pixie of aura and her selkie is Aurorea from Southern ocean selkie village.

Jane Victory: She is fairy of Technology. She can control technology and technological energy. Her pixie is Greya, pixie of protection and her selkie is Perla from Indian ocean selkie village.


They must protect Earth form aliens and help SG-C.


  • unlike Winx, they never earn Charmix and Bloomix

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