Floridan Castle up close (do no own!)

Floridan Castle (Up Close)

Floridia is a popular more floral realm than Linphea and is Rosie's home planet.



Culture and Education

Floridia is more of a peaceful planet, like Linphea. Floridia is popular among other floral planets, because of its festivals and other huge events.

Rose of Rebirth

The Rose of Rebirth are very rare flowers that produces a baby every 200 years, to become the next king or queen to the throne, depends on its magic. Its appearance is a large rose, but its colors are different. If it is a blue and yellow color, then the baby will be a male. But if the rose is pink and yellow, then the baby will be a female. According to the Floridian laws, that if a Floridian (or even a fairy) comes across the Royal garden, they must take care of the baby for a year.

Heart of Gold

The Heart of Gold is a large golden rose with silver vines, which it lives in the Everblur Cave within the Everblur forest. It is said to make only one wish to the ones with a pure heart. But if damaged, a fairy or magical being must revive it by giving up all of their magic, but at the cost of a cursed sleep for 1,000 years.


Floridia Place


Floral Reef



Floridia's main monarchy consists of the Royal Floridian Senate and their main ruler, Queen Lavenrena. Since the Rose of Rebirth blossomed, Rosie, currently a princess, is now next in line to the throne.

Known inhabitants

  • Queen Dahlia (Mentioned, but not shown)
  • Queen Honey (Mentioned, but not shown)
  • Queen Lavenrena
  • Rosie
  • Dr. Violet
  • Nurse Daisy
  • Nurse Holly
  • Delivery Fairy Senna
  • Blossom (Selkie)

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