This story is about 6 fairies and their adventure at Alfea. The fairies are: Gabrielle, Kaycee, Melodia, Rose, Rachel and Gemma. In Book 2, Gemma falls very ill and is replaced with Sapphire. Also, in Book 2, a shy girl called Gladys comes too. Gemma comes back in Book 6, while Sapphine joins Magic Wings forever. In Book 7, Caitlin, Destiny's daughter, joins Magic Wings.

Magic Wings Girls

The Members of Magic Wings are:

  • Gabrielle: The orange-haired brave leader of the group. She is funny, smart and usually full of energy. She is the daughter of Bloom and Sky and the keeper of the Dragon Fire/Flame.
  • Kaycee: Gabrielle's best friend and the daughter of Stella and Brandon. However, when someone really makes her angry/upset, she reminds them of what hurtful thing they said (example, in Book 1, when Rachel finished her sentence with "Hee hee hee!", Kaycee yelled "HA HA HA!!"

Book 1: Friendly Fairies

Main Article: Fanfic: Winx Club Fanon Magic Wings/Book 1: Friendly Fairies

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