This is the story about how Alicia met Lily, a girl with cancer who dreams of becoming a fairy.


(In the hospital at night)

(A girl's silouette)

(???): Fairy necklace, please grant my wish.


(That morning in)

(Outside of the hospital)

(Bloom): Ok, so Alicia will volunteer to help out the hospital staff with the kids, Musa will help a dance teacher to raise money for her studio, Stella and Techna will work on an old henhouse on a farm and me, Flora and Aisha will clean up at the park.

(Stella): A farm? But I just got a manicure!

(Musa):Then just wear gloves.

(Stella): Whatever, I still don't like farms!

(Flora): You'll be fine, Stella

(Alicia): Yeah, you'll do great. It'll be quick.

(Bloom): In the meantime, call us if anything happens.

(All):Ok! Good Luck!

(Alicia going inside the hospital)

(hand drawing a picture)

(???): Is that another fairy, Lily?

(Lily): Um-hm. It's a water fairy. She has the power to create huge waves.

(???): Can she create a Tsunami or a whirlpool? That way it'll sweep people away! Even you, Maggie!

(Maggie): Noah! Quit being a doofus!

(Noah):Just saying! That would be awesome!

(Lily): That is a cool idea. But she has to use her powers for good.

(Alicia running to find a nurse)

(Alicia): I'm here to volunteer to help out the kids. My school is running a fundraiser.

(Female Nurse): Well you are lucky, because the children are so sweet here in Room 114.

(Alicia) Thanks!

More coming soon!!

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