Little Ellie

17 (Enchantix mode)
Powers and Abilities
Snow and Illusions
Alicia Wilson (Mother)

Lucas (Father)
Stephanie (Older sister)

Amorette (Middle sister)
Bonded Pixie
Yuki, Pixie of Snow
Social Status
Princess of Cosmos
Aurora Elementary Student
Voiced by (fandom)
Isabella Acres
TBA (Age 17)

Elliana "Ellie" Juilet Wilson-Valentino is the youngest daughter of Alicia and Lucas, she is also Amorette and Stephanie's sister. She is the third princess of Cosmos, but is not next in line for the throne. However, if anything happens with the first princess, she or Amorette will take her place. Note: Please do not edit, copy the information/photos/style, don't mess this page, don't even think and claim her as yours! Thank you! ~AnimeQueen97


Ellie has short red hair, blue-green eyes and has dark skin, like her sisters and mother.


Her casual wear is a long-sleeved white hoodie with part of her sleeves light green, a dark green skirt, white leggings and brown shoes.

Her second casual wear is a loose long-sleeved white shirt with pink and green hearts, a green skirt, black over-the-knee socks and brown boots. Some times she wears the panda hat her mother gave her.





Personality and Background

Ellie is curious and energetic, but she is a bit of a trickster because of her playfulness. She loves to explore and venture off other places, even those that are unknown, which most of the time often gets into trouble. She is indeed childish, plus she and her sisters sometimes bicker, but that's a normal sibling way.

She deeply loves her sisters because of her kind-heartedness, and she does not mind her oldest sister, Stephanie, being the next queen, she claims that more royal work is too hard. She is sometimes called "Mini Cosmos Lady" by the people of Cosmos since her older sister's nickname is already taken. Ellie is not very skilled in fighting, but she has a lot of spunk and she is still a fairy-in training. She is a big fan of Vanille, unlike Stephanie and Amorette. At a timeskip episode for Season 4, she becomes a famous pop idol, and is seen performing on Cosmos. 


Magi-Spinner: Ellie's transformation item that gives her the ablilty to transform into her Enchantix without having to wait until she's older.

Powers and Abilities

Not much of Ellie's powers is known, but she had used some spells.


  • Cutie Chill
  • Sugar Blizzard
  • Chilly Mirage
  • Cute Trick
  • Sweet Frost
  • TBA


  • Striking Tundra
  • Frost Trickery
  • Frigid Strike
  • Frigid Trap
  • Frozen Kiss
  • Swift Frost
  • Tundra Rush


  • Full Name: Elliana Juliet Wilson-Valentino
  • Birthdate: December 4
  • Family: Queen Alicia (Mother), King Lucas (Father), Stephanie (Older sister), Amorette (Middle sister)
  • Talent(s): Dancing, Singing
  • Hobbies: Exploring
  • Favorite foods: Cheesecake
  • Favorite movies: Fantasy, Action/Adventure
  • Favorite books: Fantasy
  • Favorite music: Pop
  • Favorite places: Crystal Domino city, Magix
  • Best friends: Noah, Aly, May and Lucy
  • Ideal Boyfriend: I'm too young to have a boyfriend, but I only hang out with Noah..and my friends!
  • Favorite color: Green and White
  • Favorite Pet: I sometimes play with Candy
  • Likes: Mama's stories, exploring, Stephanie, Amorette, Mama and Daddy, singer Vanille Vermillion
  • Dislikes: gross and dirty things, villains, Stephanie being bossy
  • Fears: Spiders, snakes
  • Favorite shoes: comfortable
  • Favorite subjects: Art,
  • Favorite spell: Cute Trick
  • Catchphrases: TBA


  • (To Stephanie) "Sheech, lighten up will ya'?"
  • (To Stephanie)"You're such a mood killer, sis."
  • (To Stephanie) "Lookie, i'm a bush!"
  • (To Stephanie as the teenage version; Season 3) "You're crazy! I was just being curious, and you end up getting a fit over just one little thing!"



  • She is inspired by Neliel Tu Odelshwank from Bleach and Sailor Chibi Chibi Moon from Sailor Moon.
  • It is not official yet about her further transformations, however, her Enchantix is yet known.
  • Ellie has been seen playing with Yuki, the Pixie of Snow, most of the time.

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