Ebony is a Dark Fairy and Angelia's rival/enemy.

Associated Pixie
None Yet
September 1st
Kira (born and raised) Charna(ran away to)
Alfea (as a normal Fairy) Queen Amara (as a Dark Fairy)
Powers and Abilities
Mist and Fog
Associated Pet
None Yet
Being powerless
Unnamed Parents
She is cursed to die by a fairies hand.


She was raised by her mother in the Palace of Kira . She is the daughter of the Queen's best friend and was spoilt because she was one of few children in the Kingdom. As she got older she got use to getting what she wanted. Before she started Alfea she was told the history of her Realm which caused her to argue with her mother.

School Years

Ebony was the school bully, always picking on people she considered weaker or less important than her. She was always causing trouble which her mother had to smooth over with the school.

First Year

In her first year Angel was the target of her harshest bullying. She helped encourage a group of people to abandon her in Black Mud Swamp and was furious to discover she was the second person back. (Ebony's group being the third and the Winx being the fourth and last).

When the Trix invaded she was the only fairy who refused to fight. When the Trix were defeated she acted as if those who were injured to badly to fight were pathetic for not fighting trying to make them feel guilty when she was the one who didn't even try.

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