Radia is a doctor at the Celestia Hospital in Cosmos and her assistant is Nurse Dawn. She is well known for her magical cures. And she is also the seventh senator of the Royal Cosmos Senate.


Doctor Radia's appearance is of a very beautiful and youthful woman. She has dark brown eyes and long black hair that is worn in a braid in front. She wears a dark bluish outfit from what it looks similar like a kimono and a standard white doctor's coat.


Radia has a gentle and warm personality. She is soft-spoken, polite and very caring towards others like a caring mother. However, she can be serious when in battle, and is a hard worker when the injured are in need. She is so far most knowledgeable on health and she, like the senators and royals, knows most of the history of Cosmos.

Powers and Abilities

Some of Dr.Radia's powers are known.

  • Glacier Treatment
  • Radiant Frost
  • Peaceful Chill
  • Snowy Therapy
  • Chilly Operation


  • She is heavily based on a Bleach character, Retsu (Yachiru) Unohana.

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