Different Powerix is a spin-off series based on Lovelix Club, with the fairies as main characters.


It starts after Lovelix Club ended, though the series might continue. It is like the adventures continue from the end after Season 5.



Sam is the leader of Different Powerix. It was his idea for Lovelix Club to join it in the first place. He acts a bit nasty to Gabriel, Rosa, Jessie, and Penelope.


Jade is the second-in-command of Different Powerix and Sam's future wife. She is nasty to Jessie and Rosa more than the others.


Gabriel doesn't like being in Different Powerix. She and the Lovelix Club get turned dark for a day as a punishment from Jade.


Jessie hates Jade and hates being in the DP(Different Powerix) because sometimes she gets ordered to clean the den.

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