Diana is an animal fairy. She studies at Alfea College For Fairies and is a member of the Chantix Club.

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  • Full name: Diana Melisande
  • Birthday: May 31
  • Astrological Sign: Gemini
  • Fairy Sign: Elf
  • Favourite Food: Pasta
  • Favourite Color: Green 
  • Favourite Hobby: Caring for the animals
  • Favourite Pet: Cat
  • Ideal Boyfriend: TBA
  • Loves: Caring for the animals
  • Hates: Animals that aren't being cared properly by their owners
  • Favourite Shoes: Comfortable ones
  • Favourite Spell: TBA


  • The name "Diana" means "animal lover".
  • Diana shares her name with a major fairy from the Winx Club series. 
  • Diana and Roxy both shares the same passion for the love of animals. 
  • Diana shares some of her favourites with Stella, Aisha, and Flora. Template:Chantix

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