Age (At first appearance)
Unknown, supposedly many centuries old
Magical Abilities
Voiced by (Fandom)
Olivia d'Abo

Cyrene is the Head Guardian of the Spirit Dimension and she is the fairy of spirits. She appears in Season 3 of the Miraclix Chronicles.

Personality and Background

Cyrene is a wise and caring Head Guardian. She treats the other guardians as if they were her own. Because of her wise and devoted nature, she will protect the Spirit Dimension and the guardians at all costs.


Her appearance looks similar to Morgana, Roxy's mother. She has long black braided hair that is past below her knees,  a floor-length dress, and gray wings.

Powers and Abilities

Cyrene's powers revolves around spirits and souls. Some of her attacks can be life-threating to her such as Retaining Soul Charge, as she can all the damaging hits from her opponent and store it into a powerful return attack, known as Superior Soul Strike. Another move, Soul Bond, also effects both her and the enemy: if Cyrene is defeated as the direct result of an attack, the enemy that landed the knockout hit also gets defeated.

  1. Retaining Soul
  2. Retaining Soul Charge
  3. Soldier's Spirit
  4. Spiritual Strike
  5. Superior Soul Strike
  6. Soul Bond
  7. Guardian Armor


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