This is the first season of Chantix Club. The author and writer is Flora.

Writer: FloraEnchantix

Author: FloraEnchantix

✿Flora✿ ~ Vall Vortex


Another year at Alfea has begun... Fairies around the magical Dimension had gathered 'round at Alfea, the College for Fairies. Five new girls had the same feeling on the Winx's (except Aisha and Roxy) first day.' Now, the girls are on thier way to protect thier school from three witches, whom had caused chaos all around the Magic Dimension.

Episode Guide

  1. Welcome to Alfea College


  • The first season of Chantix Club is based and similar to the Winx Club. However, some of the episodes have different titles, and the other episodes are not based on the Winx's episodes. 
  • This season is very similar to the Winx's.

Note: Chantix Club Season 1 is under construction. You may want to help improve this page. 

If so, please contact the author/writer here

The help would mostly and will be higly appreciated by yours truly :)!

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