Chantix Club is a fanfiction club created by RoseForever. It is about six girls from different realms, has a journey of a lifetime. Through their three years at Alfea, they have encountered monsters, witches and the Darcelix.


Hi! I am Rosa. I'm the founder and the leader of the Chantix Club and the most powerful. I am sixteen years old and I was born in Acacia. I have nature powers. I can control the earth because my spells are nature-based. My best fairy friend is Eliana. Now, me and my friends are up to save the universe against the evil threats of the Darcelix!

Hello sweeties! It's Eliana. The shining star of the Chantix! I am the second most powerful fairy in the Chantix. I'm sixteen and I was born in Cassiopea. I have shining powers - light powers that is. All of my spells are light-based and sun-based. Meaning that I have light powers - luce. My best fairy friend is Rosa. And our destiny is to save the universe from the pesky damages of the Darcelix!

Hi guys! My name's Seraphina. I'm the burning fire of the Chantix! I'm the third most powerful fairy in the Chantix. Just like my friends, I'm sixteen and I was born in Domino. I have flame or fire powers. My spells and powers are fire-based. My best fairy friend is Kyla. Even though, I'm a fire fairy and she's a water fairy, we still get along.

The music fairy has arrived! Hello, fairies! I am Lyria. Princess of Vocalia. I'm the magical harmony of the Chantix. I'm also sixteen. I have music-based powers. I draw my powers from music. My best fairy friend is Diana.


Season 1: Saving Magix

A new year has started. New fairies, new journeys and magical adventures await them. A fairy named Rosa, forms a club after meeting the witch club called the Darcelix. Now, Rosa and the Chantix are up to save the universe from the evil threats of the Darcelix in Magix. Will the girls succed and will they save the world of Magix?

List of Episodes

Season 1

  1. Welcome to Alfea!
  2. Saving the Dance
  3. The Swamp of Melmamora
  4. Trickery Date
  5. Learning the Past
  6. Learning The Plan
  7. Trying To Finish
  8. Fallen To The Enemy
  9. Day Without Powers
  10. The First Attack
  11. Sneaking To Cloud Tower
  12. Retrieving Our Powers
  13. The Second Attack
  14. Saving Magix: Part One
  15. Saving Magix: Part Two


  • The word Chantix was formed from the fairy form, Enchantix. Cutting the "en" and forming the word, "Chantix".
  • The word Chantix also comes from the word Chant meaning to sing, as in reciting to chant.

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