Catarina Sanchez is the ex-fiancee of Rafael de Leon.


Catarina is the stereotypical dumb heiress that does whatever she is told. Manipulated by both her mother and the Countess de Leon, she comes close to marrying Rafael while Ali is at Alfea. With enough provocation, she can be catty, mean, and extremely clingy.

While she did attend Alfea at one point, she dropped out after a few months. Her powers are never stated, but Cayenne makes a passing reference that is interpreted by many to mean she is the fairy of belly-dancing or something similar.


Season 6

She is set to make an appearance in Season 6 in order to prevent her former fiance from marrying the former princess of Gracidea.


Various surgeries have placed Catarina at the 'peak' of beauty in her mother's mind. She has enormous lips that are always covered in trashy pink lipstick, surgically altered eyes to make them appear larger and innocent, and size H implants. Standing at only 5'4", she is the epitome of what most shallow men would find attractive.

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