Carillon RoseXinh

First appearance
Hurting words
Antarctic, Gravel
Veronica, the Selkies, Felicitix Club
Bonded fairy
Closing/Opening Antarctic – Gravel’s Ocean gates

Carillon is a fictional character belong to Rose, please don’t make any edits, copy or try to claim her as yours, thanks! Veronica - 闇の姫 14:16, August 31, 2014 (UTC)


She has tan skin, mermaid fish ears, big blue eyes with light pink eye-shadows, and apple red lips.

She has sky blue body-tail on rainbow and clouds pattern, which resemble sky's lanscape. She wears a sparkle pink in cherry blossom petals pattern spiral shell-shaped hat which has sparkling two golden bells with red ribbon on it and the hat is decorated by a translucent blue veil. She has a purple butterfly-and-rose symbol on her forehead.


She’s spitfire, brave, funny, helpful, and has a strong passion on music. She loves journey and ready to become a tour guide for Veronica’s other bonders on the underwater trips.

She is also very protective and loyal to Veronica.


  • Carillon also lives on a special fish tank that directly connects with her ocean gates from the time she is saved by Veronica.
  • Due to her power of opening 2 ocean gates at 2 different places, she gave Tritannus double powers than the other selkies did.
  • She was seriously injured, so it needed both Veronica’s aura and her healing power to restore Carillon’s power.
  • Her ocean gates are located on Rainbow Ocean of Gravel.
  • The name “Carillon” has French origin. It’s from French word “quadrillon”, which means “four bells”.

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