Carambita is the home realm of many notable characters, such as Rafael de Leon, Cayenne de Leon, and Gabrielle Denati.


Gov't is a traditional monarchy of sorts; all levels of nobility are involved in decision making as well as a council of more common folk, such as merchants, farmers, etc. Counts, dukes and marquis are the diplomats and ambassadors to other realms, negotiating treaties and the like. Kings, queens, and their offspring rarely leave the realm on business such as this, but do make their wishes known to those that do. It is also currently allied with the realms of Stemefactoré, Gracidea, and Melody.

Known Nobility

  • Count Joaquin de Leon
  • Countess Esperanza de Leon
  • Countess Cayenne de Leon (future)


Has regions based on four Latin countries: rolling, summery countrysides and hills (Italy), cobblestone cities and castles (Spain), jungles and port towns (Brazil), and pyramids with deserts (Mexico). The major exports are music, coffee, sugar, and wine. There is virtually no cold weather here and many inhabitants go to Gracidea to escape the heat of summer.

Spanish Quarter

Cities and Towns

  • Mariansia (ruling capital)
  • Barcelo (Cayenne and Rafe's home)
  • Andasilas (seaside village)

Brazilian Quarter

Cities and Towns

  • Rio de Meianoite (ruling city)
  • Roraima (port town)
  • Minas Gerais (shopping district)

Italian Quarter

Cities and Towns

  • Luciana
  • Ruchietto
  • Venicia

Mexican Quarter

Cities and Towns

  • Tlaxcala
  • Oaxaca
  • Yucatan


Is a large realm for music; it is very vibrant, loud and colorful. In the streets dancers and musicians are often found practicing their craft. Has a large community of performing arts wizards, fairies, and the like.

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