Blissie 2

Gatekeeper of the Cosmos ocean portal
Powers and Abilites
Open/Close Cosmos' ocean portal

Light Magic

Crystal-Making (The Phoenix's Snow)
Bonded Fairy
Voiced by (fandom)
Monica Rial

Blissie is the gatekeeper of Cosmos's ocean portal and Alicia's bonded selkie.


Blissie has light yellow skin with a yellow, light blue and white body-tail. She wears a golden yellow hat with white angel wings on both sides on her head, a white heart-shaped gem and a white veil. Her forehead mark is a yellow heart with little angel wings, the wings represent the divine Snow Phoenix itself. Blissie also states that her heart mark means the heart of the holy light and snow from the Snow Pheonix. Her eyes are silver. It is mentioned that Blissie's hat is "pure golden" and her heart shaped gem is a rare white gem, it is unknown if it is only pearl or a rare crystal gem.


Blissie is gentle and sweet-hearted like Alicia. She is also a quick-thinker and creative, as to when she sealed herself in the Cave of Crystals before Tritannus could catch her. She is also very protective and somewhat curious. Blissie once stated that Alicia was brave during her battle with Tritannus.


Season 5

Winx Club

The Winx traveled to Cosmos to the Crystal Ocean, they find the Cave of Crystals for the hidden Gem of Hope. There they find a large pearl colored crystal, which Alicia curiously touched and revealed Blissie. After Blissie bonded with Alicia, Blissie explained that she had sealed herself inside the crystal before Tritannus could get to her next and that the only way she can free is if a fairy of the Snow Pheonix touches the crystal. She also said she lost half of her powers but regained them after she bonded with Alicia. However, when Tritannus and his beasts enter the Crystal Cave, Alicia tells Blissie to hide inside a hole within the Crystal walls, and defends her bonded selkie. After Tritannus took major damage from Alicia's Frost Slash and escaped, Blissie thanks Alicia and the Winx for defending her, and she eventually joins the Winx's selkies.

Miraclix Chronicles



  • Her secondary power, "Crystal-making", may be referring to ice magic.
  • Her name is mix name of Bliss and Serene or Destiny. This may be because of Blissie's positive and blissful behavior.
    • Her name also sounds similar to a Pokemon, Blissey.
  • When all of the Selkies used their powers against Tritannus, Blissie used a protection move saying, "Crystal Barrier, reject!". It is unknown if it is the actual name of the spell.
  • She will make a cameo in Season 5 of Miraclix Chronicles, to only inform Stephanie.

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