Beat final

Sparrowman title
Sparrowman of Lessons
Bonded specialist
Pixie counterpart
Tune, pixie of good manners
Beat is the Sparrowman of lessons. He is also Riven's bonded sparrowman and Tune's counterpart.


Like Tune, he has manners, he is neat, polite and he sometimes argues with his specialist. He is like a gentleman, because of his appearance.


Beat first appeared in a flashback in an upcoming fanfic. As the other sparrowmen were introduced, Beat bonded with Riven and met his counterpart. Beat is like a gentleman, a contrast to his bonded specialist, who is not quite a gentleman. In spite of Beat's correcting plus nagging, Beat and Riven make a great pair like both of their counterparts. Beat's job is for to teach Riven how to be more comfortable around females and how to become a gentleman.


He has dark blue hair and a somewhat similar victorian style suit. He has blue eyes and his wings are light blue with a indigo glow.


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