Bahamishti is the home realm of Kiran Nayar.


Bahamishti is an empire with a ruling emperor and many subordinate maharajas to keep the peace. The emperor is never seen or heard; his orders are carried out by his deputies. Many residents ignore him and live their lives as they please, and the maharajas are no exception. This attitude leads to a war that must be stopped by the few fairies that come from this realm.

Notable Residents

  • Kiran Singh, Fairy of Summer Sun and Solstice
  • Kalidas Gupta, Crown Prince
  • Mitul Gupta, Emperor


Most of Bahamishti is a desert and as such is very barren. Few cities have sprung up, but those that have tend towards wealth and prosperity. A number of smaller villages lay just outside the city borders, and they live very simple lives.


  • New Balod
  • Dwarka
  • Mathura


  • Dehlan
  • Ajra
  • Ballia


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