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Queen Badiane
(also: Badiane)
Title The self-proclaimed queen of Marzipan
Class Ex-fairy
Gender Female Female
Age (at first appearance) Thousands of years old
Professional Status
Powers and Abilities Coming soon...
Occupation Queen of Marzipan
Personal Status
Origin Elysion
Voice Actors
Italian Vita Calabrese
DuArt Wendy Lee

Queen Badiane is the main villain in the first season of WoWS and possibly a minor one in the second season. Badiane kidnaps talents that have yet to achieve their dreams as she is feeding off their talents but also their unaccomplished dreams.


More coming soon...


More coming soon...

World of Wonderful Sailorix

Season 1

More coming soon...

Season 2

No information is given at the time.

Magical Abilities

More coming soon...


  • Badiane is confirmed to be from Elysion like her minions.
  • She placed her own powers into 4 flutes.
    • She also gave the flutes to the 4 amnesiacs that are the one that carry on her plans and do all the dirty work.
      • The 4 amnesiacs are Poupelin (the leader of the 4), Perle (the traitor to Badiane), Banane (A crazy young-man), and Orangeat (a sadistic pessimist).
  • Badiane favored Perle the most as he was very young and did an excellent job until he betrayed her then she was favoring Poupelin the most.
    • In fact it has been confirmed that she wished to adopt young Perle despite him being in his mid-teens.
  • Badiane sends out her remaining 3 minions to capture Perle and to get the two girls with very strong dreams, Rini and Hotaru after Perle betrayed her and she somehow found out about the two dreamers.

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