How to earn Ascednix

Each member of the Winx (and other fairies) earns this one by one. In order to earn your Ascednix, you have to earn the gift of pure mind from Arcadia,and use it to save whatever galtmosphere (a cluster of planets) you came from. However, you can lose the powers too, but it is unknown how.

Random rainbow ascBLOOM

Bloom's Ascednix in the Rai dub


Bloom's ascednix on the Nick 2 dub

Ascednix is a fairy transformation

Where Ascednix came from

Not much is known about it since the Winx are the first to get it. But if you succeed to earn it, you will have a pure mind forever; live an eternal life, and have may children. We believe it came from Earth in the city of Lectomacri 2015  years ago, where Tecna's great great great great great great great great grandmother used to reside when she visited earth. 
Ascednix roxy

Roxy's 3D ascednix

Ascednix bloom

Bloom's 3D ascednix

Aisha Ascednix

Aisha's Ascednix

Techna Png 011010001010100101010101001010 Ascednix

Techna's Ascednix

Roxt Ascednix Png

Roxy's Ascednix

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