Arisa Outfit Base

The Fairy Rainbow (Colours,light,sparkles)
14th April
Blue, Purple
Bonded Pixie
None yet
Nora(Stepmother), Anisa(Stepsister), Ryan(probably boyfriend)


Her first appearance is in Season 1 as minor character.She is the leader of her club Chubbix Club . She wears a blue scarfs and a blue civilian outfits with several pattern of shapes. She has a dark pink and a dark violet hair curling hair. Her eyes are colors are violet and her skin tone is fair. She has a bright pink lipstick.In her Magic Winx form,she has blue sparkling wings,A purple and pink glitering oufit with a fancy shmancy skirts.She wears a pink sparkling gloves and boots.


She is from the planet Zenith but lives in Melody with her adopted parents. She is a dark a fairy who possesses the power of shapes and geometry.She turns into a normal fairy when she was young as she is too kind.Her father dies because of illness when she was young. Her pets are Trixie the cat. She is warmhearted girl who lives with her adopted parents as she chased from her own house by her cruel stepmother,Nora and stepsister, Anisa when she was three years old.


  • Magic Winx 

    Arisa's Magic Winx

Concept Art

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