Angelia is a Rainbow Fairy more commonly known as Angel.

Other Names
Angel, Angie, Lia
Associated Pixie
Tia the Pixie of Time
October 31st
Earth (place she grew up) Unknown (placed her birth parents are from)
Power and Abilities
Rainbows, Light and Colours
Associated Pet
None Yet
The Dark, Losing those she considers family.
John (Boyfriend),

Jean (Sister figure) Unnamed (Adoptive parent)

Unknown (Birth Parents)

Known Past

Angel was abandoned and adopted when she was two years old. She was left on the doorstep of her adoptive faimilies house with a note stating her name, age and birthday and asking them to look after her. She was raised knowing of her adoption and never showed much interest in finding out who her birth parents were.

From a young age she loved fencing and other forms of swordsmanship. By the time she was 10 she knew how to weild 15 different swords and a little bit of gymnastics.

Her best friend and sister was Jean who got her into singing as a hobby.

When she was 14 she got a boyfriend called John.

When she was 15 she recieved a letter telling her she was a Fairy and that she had been enrolled at Alfea School for Fairies with instructions on how to get there. It also said she should introduce herself as Angel of Solaria.

First Year (Winx Club Season 1)

Upon arriving in her dorm she met her room mate Amaryl who she did not get along with. The other people she shared a dorm with were Ebony, Alice and Ahisa.

On a feild trip to Black Mud Swamp she was abandoned by her group at Amaryl's request and was forced to find her way out of the swamp by herself which she suceeded in doing being the second to arrive at the assembly point.

Around Chirstmas she was called home by her family after the death of Jean and her boyfriends disappearance. She sang at Jean's memorial and decided she would never sing again.

At the end of the year the Trix attacked with the Army of Decay. She was injured in the first attack on Alfea but had recovered enough to fight during the second. Unfortuantly she was injured again during the second and was evacuated with the other injured to Solaria.

Second Year (Winx Club Season 2)

Coming soon...

Third Year (Winx Club Season 3)

Coming soon...

Magical Abilities

Angel's power comes mostly from colour and light. Her fear of the dark is entirely rational because when in a room with no source of light her powers are weaker. She can draw strength simply by being in the sun or by being surrounded by colours and since everything has a colour except darkness she is a very powerful fairy.




was a student at Alfea and Angel's rival. She spent their first year at Alfea tormenting her and encouraged Amaryl and their dormmates to do the same.

More Soon...


  • Favourite Food: Apples
  • Favourite Colour: Rainbow
  • Favourite Hobby: Sword Fighting
  • Favourite Pet: None
  • Ideal Boyfriend: Someone who won't runaway and cheat
  • Best Friends: Jean
  • Favourite Movies: Fantasy
  • Loves: Reading, Writing and Sword Fighting.
  • Hates: Bullies, Amaryl
  • Favourite Music: Country
  • Favourite Shoes: Comfortable Flats
  • Favourite Subject: Metamorphology
  • Favourite Spell: Rainbow Mist


Angelia appears as a fairy in the following Fanfiction:


  1. The Power of Seven: New Faces
  2. The Power of Seven: New Blood

Winx Club Fanon Wiki





  • The name Angelia means "Gaurdian Angel", as is found on a site that give names and meanings.
  • Angel first appeared in an X-men: First Class fanfiction as Angelia White AKA Rainbow, followed by and RP called Equality or Tryanny and the fanfiction Twins. looks like a child in these instead of an average look she has now.
  • Angelia's families are never normal.
    • Base made by ~fantasy-voiceGo to ~fantasy-voice
    • Original of Angelia

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