14-15 (Season 1)

16 (Season 2)
17 (Season 3)

18 (Season 4)
Powers and Abilities
Snow and Love
Connor (Boyfriend)
Alicia Wilson (Mother)

Lucas (Father)
Stephanie (Oldest sister)

Ellie (Youngest sister)
Virgo, Pixie of Hope
Voiced by (fandom)
Colleen Clinkenbeard

Amorette is the middle sister of Stephanie and Ellie, and Alicia and Lucas's second daughter.


Amorette is a major bookworm kind of girl. She tends to be alone and quiet sometimes, mostly because she is antisocial. Like her mother and sister, she dreams of falling in love, which similarly makes her a hopeless romantic, and is also boy-crazy and constantly asks Stephanie about the guys at Red Fountain, which buggs her. However, Amorette is a tsundere when upon meeting boys, especially Connor, this is only because she tests out a guy's true affections, which him and Amorette became a couple in late Season 2 to early Season 3.

She sometimes likes to read manga, even the forbidden ones that fangirls like her enjoy, which Stephanie thinks it is distracting. She also thinks she's the mature one in the family, unlike Stephanie. Like Ellie, she doesn't mind Stephanie taking over the throne, Amorette would rather become queen with her future love interest on his realm. She wants others to have a beautiful relationship when it comes to love, and gets mad if anyone thinks love is just a game. Despite some of her crazy antics, she is always caring, soft-spoken and like Stephanie, she wants to defend her family no matter what. However, she and her team disliked the other Alfea fairies that made them into outcasts.


Amorette is dark skinned like her mother and sisters, but has blue eyes and dark brown hair like her father. She wears her hair up in a ponytail. She also wears glasses.

Season 1-3

She always wears gothic lolita, and sometimes she carries around her favorite parasol.



Season 1


Season 2

Amorette attended Alfea when she turned 16 and during the time Stephanie earned her Charmix.

Powers and Ablilities

Her powers revolve in both snow and love, but due to her learning martial arts like Stephanie, some of her attacks are close combat.


  1. Frost Kiss
  2. Cold Charm
  3. Frigid Strike
  4. Lovely Blaster
  5. Freezing Pierce


  1. Frost World
  2. Final Hailstorm


  1. Enchantix Venus Blizzard


  1. Arctic Valentine


  • Full Name: Amorette Crystelle Wilson-Valentino
  • Birthdate: Feburary 13
  • Family: Queen Alicia (Mother), King Lucas (Father), Stephanie (Older sister), Ellie (Younger sister)
  • Talent(s): Martial Arts
  • Hobbies: Reading
  • Favorite food(s): Angel cake and pizza
  • Favorite genre of books: It's hard to choose, mostly Mystery and Manga (My favorites are the forbidden ones)
  • Favorite genre of music: Alternate Punk
  • Favorite movies: Suspense and Romantic comedies
  • Favorite places:
  • Best friends: Kyra and Connor
  • Ideal Boyfriend: Connor
  • Favorite color: Red and Black
  • Favorite pet: I don't necessary have a pet.
  • Loves: Reading (As always), my family, Connor, friends (Speed Wingettes)
  • Hates: Stephanie's nagging, interupting me, people who made her and her friends outcasts
  • Fears: Losing my family
  • Favorite shoes:
  • Favorite subjects: Reading
  • Favorite spell(s): Freezing Pierce
  • Catchphrase(s):


  • (To Stephanie) "It's just a manga, you're old enough to read this type. After all, you ARE the oldest."
  • "Just like my sister, I want to defend my family, even if it means losing my powers or myself."
  • "You are dealing with two members of the Speed Wingettes and an Alfea fairy."
  • "We are nothing like those other Alfea fairies."


  • Strangely, she has a thing for liking feminine male characters in the manga she reads. Possibly because she is a fujoshi (a fangirl of yaoi).
  • Her team (Ramona and Kyra) is called Speed Wingettes.

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